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AJ Walkley is a nationally known young adult and LGBT novelist. With two books published through Rocket Science Productions ( AJ's first novel is the autobiographical fiction work Queer Greer. Greer is in high school and finds herself in a love triangle with a man and a woman. Learning to come to terms with her sexuality in a world that doesn't understand, Greer is faced with many challenges. AJ's second novel is Vuto, a story of a teenage Malawi woman who at 17 has already lost her third child shortly after birth, and her US Peace Corp friend who must go on the run after they are forced to kill Vuto's husband in self-defense.

AJ Walkley is also a former UN representative, a Peace Corp volunteer, a contributing writer at The Huffington Post, and was recently interviewed in the July 2014 issue of Cosmo Magazine. We are pleased to welcome such an accomplished author to WRSP Radio's Author's Talk Show.

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